New CBus Wiser MK2

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Clipsal have now released a new MK2 model Wiser. The new Wiser is much more straight forward to set up and sits on your network like any other network device. No longer do you have to decide to use its router or wireless capabilities or consider upsetting your clients existing network and devices. Along with the new Wiser comes a … Read More

Richard CookeNew CBus Wiser MK2

Home control from your phone or ipad or PC.

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  Want to control your home lighting,power, security, TV etc from your phone when sitting in your lounge or what about when you are not there at all? With a smart phone and intelligent home control systems, like C-Bus and Wiser, this is all possible. Clipsal CBus has a product called WISER which is basically a wifi router connected to … Read More

Richard CookeHome control from your phone or ipad or PC.

CBus Wiser Firmware

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Anyone out there with a C-Bus Wiser unit? There has been a recent firmware upgrade and if you are experiencing any issues, it may be a good idea to get your installer back and upgrade to the new firmware version.

Richard CookeCBus Wiser Firmware