C-Bus eDLT – 5085EDL

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Clipsal/Schneider has finally made available its new switch known as the eDLT. It carries on from the original DLT which stood for Dynamic Labelling Technology. This was a 5 button switch which was actually an 8 button switch as the 5th button created a 2nd page for the first 4 buttons. The DLT switch was the first of its kind to ... Read More
Richard CookeC-Bus eDLT – 5085EDL

C-Bus Multi-Room Audio

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Many people are not aware of the great Cbus Multi Room Audio System(in house its called MRA). This system is a perfect complement with your lighting control. Light switches can become and volume and source control as well. Touchscreens can become the central control point. The system is also multi room, multi source. This means that people in different areas … Read More

Richard CookeC-Bus Multi-Room Audio