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Clipsal StarServe Options Guide

Homes today are implementing a broad number of services and systems. Therefore the introduction of structured cabling systems within the home is becoming a necessity.

Homes may have numerous incoming telephone lines with multiple handsets, a fax machine and modems. TV distribution is no longer a single antenna connection. It may also incorporate Video, DVD and Pay TV. Computer networks are a necessity for those wishing to utilize modern communications services such as Broadband Internet.

A Clipsal StarServe Home Network expands on basic home wiring to let the homeowner network these TV, Video, Telephone and Computer systems throughout the home.

Home Networking System

Designing a Home Networking System with StarServe

StarServe comprises of a number of products, which can be connected together in various combinations to form a Home Networking System for a specific homeowner.

Based on the four services available in Home Networking, TV, Video, Telephone and Computer systems, this guide outlines some of the possible configurations of StarServe products, which can be put together to form ‘Typical Systems’.

StarServe is not limited to these configurations, and customer requirements need to be established before a system can be finalised.

StarServe – TV Standard

In its Standard configuration, StarServe can be used to distribute free to air Antenna Signals to multiple TVs (maximum of 6) connected to a system. The system eliminates the need for individual antennas on all TVs.

Configuration for an optional Security Camera

A StarServe system can be used to distribute and display Security Camera video signals on every TV connected to the StarServe system. In addition to the required number of suitable CCTV cameras, a StarServe modulator input is required for each camera.

Guide Configuration for IR Distribution

The StarServe system can be used to distribute and display DVD, VCR and/or Pay TV signals on every TV connected to the StarServe system. A StarServe modulator and video hub with IR capabilities allows these devices to be remotely controlled throughout the home. An IR target is required at each point where control is required and an IR emitter lead is required for each device to be controlled.

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