LED dimming help

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Clipsal once again has tried to help with the solution of dimming LED lamps/fittings. In our blog last night we I discussed the different types of dimming in domestic installations and that it  is not always straight forward. This time I want to mention a handy little device Clipsal has made to help solve some of the issues that we … Read More

Richard CookeLED dimming help

Matching dimmers to lights.

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  It is becoming a problem to dim successfully modern electronic light fittings.  Even many lighting suppliers and there specifiers get it wrong sometimes. Today we had a commercial job we were working on with another electrical contracting firm where this happened. The fittings they ordered were supposed to be dimmable and when connected to the C-Bus universal 4 channel … Read More

Richard CookeMatching dimmers to lights.

Home automation – who is an expert?

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On the Gold Coast we have many electricians who claim to be home automation experts. When we start calling them or looking into their businesses more closely, we find that many just add these words because it is “cool”,  ”trendy” and the “newest thing” in electrical. Some people have only done one job and call themselves experts. Others may have … Read More

Richard CookeHome automation – who is an expert?

LED lamps

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Well they have been with for a couple of years now and everyone seems to be talking about LED lamps.free There is no doubt that as electricity prices increase, people are looking at ways to save money. After the initial whisk of purchasing the lamps there should defiantly be some cost savings. My kitchen was.consuming 550 watts of power and … Read More

Richard CookeLED lamps

Home control from your phone or ipad or PC.

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  Want to control your home lighting,power, security, TV etc from your phone when sitting in your lounge or what about when you are not there at all? With a smart phone and intelligent home control systems, like C-Bus and Wiser, this is all possible. Clipsal CBus has a product called WISER which is basically a wifi router connected to … Read More

Richard CookeHome control from your phone or ipad or PC.

Where do we service?

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While being based on the Gold Coast, we have a large area that we service. In recent months we have been up to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast and down to Cabarita in Northern NSW. Most of our works involves luxury homes in what is considered the prestige areas of the Gold Coast. These area;s include, Isle of Capri, Mermaid … Read More

Richard CookeWhere do we service?

Rewiring for C-Bus

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We often have people interested in rewiring existing homes for C-Bus. I myself  have had to do this for two houses I have owned and it both cases they were both two storey homes. Two storey homes  bring their own set of difficulties.  What is amazing though is that as you get into the job you often seem to find … Read More

Richard CookeRewiring for C-Bus

Lectern Touchscreen

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School lecture theatre

KX7 In-Wall Touchpanel The extraordinary KX7 is packed full of features for complete control of entertainment, environment and security systems in any residential or commercial installation. The wall-mounted touchpanel has a slim profile, framing a control interface that can be custom tailored for every installation.The vivid 7” LCD touch screen even allows screen swiping for page navigation. More than just … Read More

Richard CookeLectern Touchscreen

Another School lecture theatre

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RTI KX touchscreen installation

We recently had another opportunity to do a refit of large steeped seating school lecture theatre. Our job involved supplying a new projector and relocating it, new lectern with touchscreen control, new input plates, upgrading to HDMI, new PA and presentation amplifiers, interfacing with existing Dynalite system. The initial main challenge was the existing cabling and the height of the ceiling.with new … Read More

Richard CookeAnother School lecture theatre

Apple TV – what and why?

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For quite while we have been installing APPLE TV units as part of a clients distributed music system and standalone installations. Combined with an IPod touch, iPhone, iPad, mac computer or even a PC running iTunes, it remains a handy and practical device. What is an Apple TV? Well firstly it’s not a TV as the name may imply. It … Read More

Richard CookeApple TV – what and why?