CBus repairs Gold Coast

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Just like your car and other electrical appliances,  Cbus may sometimes break down. One thing to be aware of if this happens is that many Cbus programmers are not electricians and there are limitations of what they can do for you in repairing your Cbus home automation system. I know on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and northern rivers area where quite … Read More

Richard CookeCBus repairs Gold Coast

Voice Control Means connecting.com.au

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We all know about Siri, Google Now,  and we hear all about Amazon and their Alexa. Well the good news is that we can now control your Cbus and AV systems with voice control. Many people may have seen this already in shows the like the “BLOCK” and it is not just a gimmick but a reality. Voice control can be achieved … Read More

Vikas RaghavVoice Control Means connecting.com.au

Why have a Clipsal C-Bus Home Automation system?

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So why should you have or even think about a Home automation system? It is going to cost you more than traditional wiring so why spend the money? Well it’s about what it can do for you that normal electrical wiring cannot do. If those things though are of no interest to you, then you don’t need and shouldn’t have such … Read More

Vikas RaghavWhy have a Clipsal C-Bus Home Automation system?

CCTV installations Gold Coast

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At Connect Power &  Cabling we do not just do electrical work or home automation. A large part of our work is also closed circuit TV systems ( CCTV). We are licensed security installers and advisers. We offer new and replacement installations, repairs and upgrades. Along with this come our IT skills where these systems need setting up onto your … Read More

Richard CookeCCTV installations Gold Coast

Service areas.

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Connect Power & Cabling is based on the Gold Coast and we have been servicing the area for some 28 years now.  Initially starting as Richard Cooke Electrical and then Amplec , we changed the name to Connect Power and Cabling to reflect more the work we were doing at the time. We are often travelling all over the Gold … Read More

Richard CookeService areas.

New CBus Wiser MK2

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Clipsal have now released a new MK2 model Wiser. The new Wiser is much more straight forward to set up and sits on your network like any other network device. No longer do you have to decide to use its router or wireless capabilities or consider upsetting your clients existing network and devices. Along with the new Wiser comes a … Read More

Richard CookeNew CBus Wiser MK2

C-Bus eDLT – 5085EDL

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Clipsal/Schneider has finally made available its new switch known as the eDLT. It carries on from the original DLT which stood for Dynamic Labelling Technology. This was a 5 button switch which was actually an 8 button switch as the 5th button created a 2nd page for the first 4 buttons. The DLT switch was the first of its kind to ... Read More
Richard CookeC-Bus eDLT – 5085EDL

LED dimming help

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Clipsal once again has tried to help with the solution of dimming LED lamps/fittings. In our blog last night we I discussed the different types of dimming in domestic installations and that it  is not always straight forward. This time I want to mention a handy little device Clipsal has made to help solve some of the issues that we … Read More

Richard CookeLED dimming help

Matching dimmers to lights.

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  It is becoming a problem to dim successfully modern electronic light fittings.  Even many lighting suppliers and there specifiers get it wrong sometimes. Today we had a commercial job we were working on with another electrical contracting firm where this happened. The fittings they ordered were supposed to be dimmable and when connected to the C-Bus universal 4 channel … Read More

Richard CookeMatching dimmers to lights.

Home automation – who is an expert?

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On the Gold Coast we have many electricians who claim to be home automation experts. When we start calling them or looking into their businesses more closely, we find that many just add these words because it is “cool”,  ”trendy” and the “newest thing” in electrical. Some people have only done one job and call themselves experts. Others may have … Read More

Richard CookeHome automation – who is an expert?